What is access control system?

Access control system provides security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter your premises.

Access control system is one of the most common used system in electronic door control using a card or a magnetic stripe which can be accessed by swiping through a reader on the door. These access control systems are used for security purposes.

The areas or organizations which require high security use different types of access control systems like bio metric, RFID, door controllers and card readers etc. Each access point may be controlled individually as per the requirement of company or organizations where high security is necessary. Network security is also important, especially in a company which handles sensitive data.

By this card access control systems allows access to enter into the premises limiting people to one side of the door. In some cases, physical access control systems are integrated with electronic ones by limiting the users allowing them to utilize the resources limited on a computer system.

We stock and install a wide varitey of access control technologies from proximity readers to biometic systems

Total Technology Solutions are fully licensed installers of CCTV Systems.

We design and install CCTV systems offering security for homes or businesses premises  at very competitive prices

All systems come with as standard:
- High Definition vandal proof cameras
- Day/night mode
- Motion activated recording 
- Remote access from multiple devices and locations

We offer a wide range of dome and bullet style cameras for both Digital & IP systems to suit your needs.

No business benefits from unnecessary directives or intrusive regulation, but a practical and effective data security policy will insure against brand damage, significant statutory fines and leakage of commercial and proprietary information.

Choosing the right encryption product will bring more than regulatory compliance to your business. Home solutions are also available

Deslock Encryption encrypts the users data, thereby providing additional data security

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We have a wide range of  open source solutions that can be fully customised to suit your needs .

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